Caterwauling Summertime Babies

June 19, 2018

DomZuccone's Blog

PART SIX The Bird That Caged Herself

Summertime reversed.bmp
It seems there must be some monsters in any “Summertime” discussion; they are unavoidable. There are so many masks in the creation, production and interpretation of this lullaby based in lost racial caricature that there will always be distortions to amuse, distract, and not infrequently offend someone. Most disturbing versions in my personal survey are the “Summertime” recordings of Janis Joplin. .
Since 1968-69 time hasn’t been kind to Ms. Joplin, particularly with her two recordings of “Summertime”. The lens of fifty years has magnified their flaws and diminished their contextual meaning. That doesn’t mean that they are somehow dishonest, but rather that like many recordings from that period of experimentation and excess, they have difficulty escaping being classified only as artifacts. It requires effort to review these recordings. In spite of the fond memories they contain for me personally, if I…

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2 Responses to “Caterwauling Summertime Babies”

  1. Carole Brooks Platt Says:

    Hi Dom, I don’t use word press and can’t seem to comment. So here’s what I wanted to say:

    “Great writing as always, Dom. Those were “heady” times. I saw Janice perform at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia in 1968. She was swigging on her bottle of Southern Comfort the whole time. It was a wild and crazy performance during wild and crazy times. One of my friends at Penn was Janice’s cousin and that was the first time I had heard the town of Port Arthur mentioned. Who knew I would end of in Texas?

    Jim Morrison . . . Jimi Hendrix . . . such said losses . . . but the music lives on . . . .


    On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 12:57 PM, DomZuccone’s Blog wrote:

    > domzuccone posted: ” ” >

  2. dom zuccone Says:

    We should have guessed, but were merely following the dancing Maenads. It was a decade of lives abbreviated. More like an extended Bacchanal, it’s not all drunken fun, blood must be spilled, singers torn apart.

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