Dom Zuccone is a writer  and teacher who lives and works in Houston, Texas and New Mexico.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Carol Says:

    I was glad to be confined to my chair long enough to read your wonderful essay.

  2. libby Says:

    Hi Dom, I thoroughly enjoyed your ramblings, both physical and cerebral. I’m happy that you and Flipper made it home excellent place to be.

  3. Doris Reiter Says:

    Thank you for directing me to your work. I’ve spent a pleasant evening reading your essays. There is a beautiful connection to what you see, hear, do, etc. to your soul. I’ll read more.

  4. Vivian Macias Says:

    I’m happily reading your blog now and have you bookmarked under Media.

  5. Linsay Locke Says:

    In-spiring like the old church spires were intended for.
    A kick in the pants and funny to-boot.
    Thanx, Dom

  6. Michael Vaughn Says:


    Agreat story teller and a thank you to the theives who created the circumstances that led to this awesome telling.. I like your work.

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